Pentacle Point 4: Family

Element: earth
Sacred plant: henbane
Offering: feather
Call: Song

In Salem, MA, I drop the fourth letter of Her Sacranomen. I drop it for family. Family has come to mean more than just biological relations for me. Family is comprised of those who are willing to share your struggles, and believe in your Life, your Dreams, and your Will. Family does not judge as it guides.
I consider myself fortunate to have family spread out across the globe. Every time I venture into the unknown, far from home, I am reminded of how large my family has grown.
For family, I drop the fourth letter of Her Sacranomen, an offering of henbane, a feather, and a song of thanks for those family members that never stopped supporting my endeavors



11/06/2016 12:08pm

Thanks for sharing the information regarding to Pentacle Point 4. Those facts and knowledge provided about them are one of most true facts according to me.


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