Welp, the tour ended and I am finally home! The last few stops (Philly, NY, Salem MA, and Odgen UT, proved most lovely!

Being in NY was great (though draining)- getting to see family and friends, and especially skating with NYSE!  I left my camera in NY when I went to Philly, so I don't have any photos. Maybe someone who was there can send me some. When they do, they will be posted!

Salem was wonderful for a host of reasons - first, just walking around town and taking in all the old buildings and atmosphere. I stayed the night with Jenn and Stark, who after the talk took me out for pumpkin beers (#basicwitch) and "chowda!"  The bar featured this HUGE neon witch on the wall!
Back to their place for an evening of sitting on the roof patio and enjoying a full moon!  That morning I woke up and walked down to the bay with Stark to take pictures and perform the Fourth Point of my pentacle across the US ritual (see below!).

And as always, driving across the country with stops in STL and Kalamazoo, on the way to Ogden to see good friends, is always a heart-warming experience. I was even able to stop by Gillette, WY, for an impromptu derby clinic. I had just driven about 12 hours getting to my buddy's place in Gillette.  As I am pulling into his driveway he comes walking out the garage door and asks if I want to go to a derby practice. What could I say other than Yes? When I arrived, the captain asked if I wouldn't mind running the practice! So from driving for about two days straight - STL to North Dakota (to complete the ritual!), North Dakota to Gillette - I went right into derby mode and ran an edge-work and strategy practice for Coal Miner's Daughters Derby.

The talk at N.O.X was full! Afterwards, a bunch of us went back to the place I was staying for some pumpkin beers, good cheers, and to sign the costume! A great way to end two months on the road!
Till next time!



12/06/2016 6:57am

I am so happy for you guys. You guys looks like you are having good time with each other. It's really great to spend your time with your family and friends. That's the good thing when you have your friends beside you. They will make you feel at ease even if it's hard. Thank you guys and congratulations!


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