Element: Metal
Sacred plant: Fungi
Offering: shell and water
Call: awe
Quote: “You are who you walk with.”
- Frank Amendola

When I think about what the word “friend” I am reminded of how lucky I am to have surrounded myself with truly beautiful human beings in life. Our paths may lead us into different areas of both light and darkness, and yet we remain true to each other and supportive as we move along the fabric of time. To watch the people I used to do the dumbest stuff with grow into the extraordinary people they have become has been a blessing. To watch my derbyfriends consistently get better and better in the pursuit of our shared passion has inspired me. To watch my magickal friends mold the realities of their lives has made my life all the richer.

So, for my lifelong buddies that I grew up with; for my derbyfriends who have helped me grow into the person I am; and to my magickal friends who keep me firmly on the path towards my true Will, I offer a shell and water from the South Pacific, psilocybin, and the third letter of Her sacranomen.



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