Well it's taken a minute to get to a place where I have reliable internet access. But I've also felt lazy these last few days after all the driving, so I guess everything aligned nicely in that way. This post is going to be more pictures than words cause it's essentially fitting the last leg of the first half of the tour into it.

From Austin I drove to Houston to see my derbyfriends and even got to attend practice with Houston Men's Derby, a team that grew out of the (sadly) now defunct Hardwood Rollers.

A quick drive up to Dallas found me at Bubastis Oasis where Hattie received me warmly. The talk went well and the audience was stellar!  Tony (Hattie's husband) even gifted me an original painting he had done!  They let me crash at their place where I was able to eat the best mashed potatoes this side of reality. Also, since in my total daze that I left Los Angeles in I had forgotten to acquire the MUCH NEEDED element of water needed to perform my ritual in the south east! Thankfully, Hattie had a sea shell from SoCal and some ritual water as well, which she gifted me for use.

I drove and drove until I finally hit New Orleans. I had heard stories about how truly beautiful their Oasis was - and how! Walking into their temple, I was floored by the amount of detail that went into the place. It had that old-style Victorian 1900s feel to it that tickles my aesthetic chakra immensely! To top it all off, Sophia, the Alombrados events coordinator, happened to have an extra projector laying around.  Mine had crapped out back in California, so I was a little uneasy about not having it as a backup. My worries were assuaged by Sophia's kindness :)
Plus - I got to use a quill to autograph books! How cool is that?!?!

I left New Orleans the next morning and headed for Nashville. I'd never been there before and was dying to enjoy a night on the town. Buuuuttttt there was a problem. Nashville was too far inland to perform the third part of my ritual! I ended up driving a total of 12 extra hours (6 there, 6 back to Nashville) to perform the ritual in a small town called Aiken, about 2 hours east of Atlanta (will post that update soon). Then back in car to drive to Nashville, where *another* flash flood warning loomed over head.  Apparently, this storm had followed me from Austin to New Orleans and then to Tennessee.  Since I had to drive the extra miles to Aiken, I was exhausted after I finished my talk. Still, I hung around for a second talk by a person named Brent, who spoke on the "threshold" of magick (to put it *very* mildly).  I still haven't really organized all my thoughts on that, but plan to post something when I do. Jesse, a member of the Obeah and Wanga camp offered me crash space with him and his partner Morgan. I think I slept for something like ten hours! I woke up, made my coffee, and drove the 13 hours to NY. While here I was able to set up two talks in the city and another one in Salem for the (not so) ride back to Portland!!


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