Had a beautiful drive from Mount Shasta to Sacramento, where I was able to attend Gnostic Mass before my talk. I guess I have been going to Sekhet-Maat for just about a year now, and the Mass at 418 was the first time I didn't need a missile! 

I noticed a few subtle differences between 418 and Sekhet-Maat, as to how the rites were performed. I cannot say them here, lest I betray the mysteries!
The members performed a beautiful ceremony, filling the Lodge with the perfect energies needed to have a fun talk afterward!

The talk went well, though I am still trying to cut down on my "umms," between sentences. Also, still trying to sound less like a NYer, but it runs so deeply in my voice that I am not sure I will ever be fully rid of it. In the very least, I have almost full abandoned the "rat race" mentality of NY. If all that's left is found only in my speaking voice - I'll take it!

But the really magickal part was what happened after the talk, when one of the attendees, Ken, invited me to crash on his couch for the evening, which I appreciated greatly! Sleeping in one's car is not ideal, though I am grateful to even have a car to sleep in at all. Ken had been in a place in life whence he had to sleep in his car, so there was a kindred spirit there.

We went back to his place about a half hour outside Sacramento. It was a beautiful night - the moon grinning like the Chesire Cat's smile down upon us, as he fired up a beautifully rolled (and BIG) joint! We (Ken, Elise, and I) sat on his back porch, taking deep pulls and talking about the magickal life, and how the OTO really helped him put life into perspective so he could achieve his dreams. Despite our different traditions - he very much steeped in ceremonial magick and me, from the "dirt of folk tradition" (as I put it) - still found overlaps in the realm of gnostic ideology. Felt so good to connect with someone on that deeper level - one of the things I was hoping to do on this trip! The three of us talked well into the night and were just as gabby over coffee the next morning! I'm hoping he and Elise come up to Portland sometime.

The entire night reminded me that all our personal-journeys have ups and downs, and different levels of ebb and flow. Some nights you're sleeping in your car; other nights you are inviting someone to sleep on your couch. Such is the beauty of existence, I think.

Now, back in Mount Shasta, and getting ready to perform the first of the Five - Point Rite across the country! I thank Ken and Elise, and everyone at 418 for filling this gypsy soul with more light to guide the way :)

And look! I remembered to take (and have taken) pictures!!!!

Doing the thing!

I keep accidentally signing "Bane-ana." Dork.

Some new friends from 418!



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