Element: Water
Sacred Plant: Mandrake
Offering: Reptile tooth
Call: Joy
Quote: "I'll remember the way that you saved me, now that I'm standing on my own."

When I think "community," only one word comes to mind: "derby."  Surrounded as I am by constant empowerment, sorority, and love it is easy to become insular and forget the biases against women in the larger sporting world. Stepping onto that world even briefly, I am reminded that not all people share my perspectives (i.e., I don't really care what a gold medalist's husband does for a living). 

But I choose to just let the derby community speak for itself and continue to redefine what athleticism means. I need not tell anyone anything; the women of derby show the world exactly what we are all about every time they step onto the track. 

My decade-long experiences as a part of the roller derby Community have been the greatest years of my life. I have grown the most and met extraordinary people that I would not have encountered had I lived an ordinary life. Hell - even as I write this I am in Arizona, not sleeping in my car, but comfortable and cool in my derbyfriend's house.  
In that sense, I am never "standing on my own." :) 

Anyway, back in Los Angeles, for my Community, the roller derby Community, the home in my heart no matter where I am, I dropped the second letter of her Sacranomen, an offering of mandrake, and the tooth of a reptile. 

May the roar of roller derby echo for all time.    



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