Had a hectic start to the morning when I woke up to check out my laptop and saw that it had crapped out over the night! Kasey, who was hosting me, didn't have one - so no backup. My worries were assuaged when Raf told me that he had someone who could bring one for me to use!

Kasey and I left for the presentation in La Crescenta a little early to enjoy the most unbelievably delicious cream of corn soup (the name of the place escapes me - sorry!) 

We then drove to Star Sapphire, but couldn't find the door into the Lodge! LA is the only place I've ever been (to my knowledge) where they have "halfs" for some addresses - meaning an address can be "9 1/2 Maple Street" for example. So, looking between two doors, oddly - like REALLY oddly - the 1/2 door just sort of appeared. We both did a doubletake - "was that door there a minute ago?" I asked. 

Rafael met us just outside and took us through the magickal 1/2 door, down a corridor that led to a set of stairs going into the basement. The Lodge was beautiful inside! I have really come to love the esoteric art and ancient Egyptian motifs that adorn every OTO lodge! 

I was supposed to start at 2 pm, and when that time rolled around I got a little nervous - no one was there. I felt a little embarrassed about it - over the amazing corn soup I had mentioned to Kasey how excited and happy I was that so many people were taking an interest in my work; and there I stood in front of an empty room. 

My worries were for not, as little by little folks trickled into the room. Before I knew it, the room was filled! Only two seats remained empty by the time I started! :) 
I have to keep remembering to not automatically default to the worst possibility (no one is coming) instead of the less extreme (maybe folks are just running a little late - after all, traffic in LA is rather (in)famous!  The crowd was very responsive and I realized that I just have to trust in what I'm doing. 
Lessons were certainly learned! 

After the talk Kasey and I got some sangrias and went out dancing at some club in Chinatown that featured this interesting form of 1960s French porno-pop music where we were joined by Rachael, Dutchess, and Tui who bring such a positive energy to every place they go! We closed out the bar and went back to Kasey's place for some atari and pick-up-sticks. We were having such a good time that before we knew it, it was 5 am - and I had to leave for Phoenix at 7! Too excited by the turnout and the great night that followed, I barely slept for more than about 20 minutes. Shoveling a vat of espresso down my throat, I got into my car and drove to Phoenix on almost no sleep. No big thang -  derby has truly made me ready for the road! 



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